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Cartridge Dimensions Overall length in. OD (outer diameter) in.
Type of end adapters: open end, closed end, o-ring (222,226,213,etc), fin, gasket, etc.
Media composition (cotton string, resin bond, polypropylene, pleated, PTFE, Nylon, metal, glass, etc)
Type of end adapters: open end, closed end, o-ring (222,226,213,etc), fin, gasket, etc.
If in a housing, what type of housing (manufacturer)
Estimate on cost of the competitive filter element in consideration $
Typical life of the filter (days in operation, gallons processed, etc)
If available, a manufacturer's product specification sheet is highly valuable

Information regarding the fluid application

Type of fluid being filtered
Application/Filtration objective :

The checmical composition will be needed in order to determine compatability with filter media, therefore the checmial composition is important:
Temperature of fluid - max (critical) F or C and operating F OR C
Viscosity of fluid pH of fluid
Level of Suspended Solids (ppm, mg/L, or SDI)
Operating pressure psig/bar
Max differential pressure across the filter element psid/bar
Terminal pressure-drop point in which the filter change-out is required. psi/bar
Total fluid flow gpm/m3/hr
If a multi-round housing is in place, the number of filters and length of those filters are needed number, length (in)
Desired removal rate (micron size). Establish true quantitative objective of filtering the fluid - this should be correlated back to particle micron retention. micron
Nature of contaminant - any information on the problematic particles in the fluid stream is valuable
Nature of the process: batch or continous
If you have a flow schematic, please email to after submitting this form.